The application of Quality Management to education systems The point of view (and some reservations) of an education economist

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Jean-Pierre JAROUSSE


“Quality Management” has developed in the very global form of a project: project for the company, first, which must ensure its profitability and conquer new markets in an increasingly competitive universe, project for the staff whose interdependence and responsibilities are affirmed whatever the hierarchical position of each, finally, project for the client, naturally concerned with the quality of the goods and services offered to him but also with the conditions under which they are produced, whether it is respect for the environment or more moral considerations regarding respect for the rights and dignity of employees. From this point of view, "Quality Management" as defined by A. Naji (2000) '' is at the same time a strategy, a system, tools and methods.

The principle of quality management is to mobilize all the actors of the company around the permanent search for quality at the different stages of production (from product design, to its actual production through the selection of suppliers and raw material). The strategic objective obviously remains the survival and development of the firm by reducing costs (associated with non-quality) and / or offering products that are clearly superior to those of the competition. It is a system (almost a philosophy) which associates and mobilizes everyone with the common objective around specific tools and methods aiming as well to track down the sources of non-quality at the level of the activities of different production stakeholders than to improve the design and production of the products themselves. It is accompanied by a set of reference standards (notably ISO standards) and certification procedures based on compliance with these standards.

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JAROUSSE, J.-P. (2019). The application of Quality Management to education systems: The point of view (and some reservations) of an education economist. The Journal of Quality in Education, 9(13), 12.


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