Peer Review Process

JoQiE operates a rigorous and transparent a double-blind peer review process that ensures the respect of the criteria of the publication in the journal. Manuscripts are firstly reviewed by the editors to ensure their appropriateness and adherence to the Journal and its author guidelines. And then, submissions are assigned to the peer-review process which consist on the review of papers by at least three experts. The review process uses the following criteria:

  1. Update of theories
  2. Interest of the subject, importance
  3. New approach or major deepening of an existing subject
  4. Relevance of the step have regard to its object
  5. Articulation of ideas
  6. Progression of the thought
  7. Setting in prospect or context of the subject
  8. Use and respect of the quoted and consulted sources
  9. Quality of the language (grammar, syntax, vocabulary)
  10. Structure of the text: introduction, development, conclusion
  11. Clear presentation and supplements tables

Peer reviewers are asked to indicate their assessment of each criterion above as excellent, satisfactory, unsatisfactory, or not applicable, and also to offer comments. Reviewers' comments are extremely important to help the authors revise and improve their papers.

The Journal Editors determine what will be included in the Journal by consulting the reviewers' assessment and comments. Generally, articles with qualitative and/or quantitative data are preferred, though the journal also publishes theoretical articles.

The average time between submission and publication of papers is 21 weeks.