Un Active pedagogy in university e-learning for the construction of Social and Emotional Skills

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Abdelaziz BOUMAHDI


In the digital age, digitization impacts many domains, specifically education, which is considered a pillar of economic and social development. In fact, e-learning enables the integration and use of new technologies and generates working methods based on active teaching methods, thus implying innovation in the learning practices adopted by students. However, university teaching presents many difficulties in developing and constructing students' social and emotional skills such as collaboration, creativity, and analytical skills which are necessary for learning and guaranteeing successful integration into the labor market. This quantitative study aims to identify the main activities and active teaching methods used to develop social and emotional skills and focuses on the impact of student active practices in university e-learning on the development of these key skills. To ascertain this, we distributed a questionnaire to Education Sciences students in Rabat and carried out a correlational analysis between active e-learning practices and the construction of social and emotional skills. Our results reveal significant correlations between active pedagogy in university e-learning and the development of social and emotional skills of students. Therefore, our work can contribute to innovative teaching and learning practices, adopting the appropriate active pedagogy for the construction of key competencies.

Keywords: Social and emotional skills - university e-learning - active pedagogies - pedagogical innovation - educational technologies.

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