Quality audit in Education

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Endalew Fufa Kufi


This research dealt with the conformity of practices in internal audits and reviews on education quality to the requirements of   quality enhancement culture. Descriptive survey design of research was used. Data were collected from 38 university instructors in Arsi University and 12 directors from different universities in Ethiopia. A binary mode of questionnaire and semi-structured interview were used in collecting data. The findings denoted that, there was no considerable gap in understanding the concepts of quality and quality audits among instructors and directors. But, huge gap was observed in assuming roles and contributing for quality audits, which could be bases for quality enhancement. With regard to coverage, emphasis was given to academic works than research and community-services. Opportunities were also very rare   for bottom-up reflection. Audits were worked on to conform to requirements from higher offices, not largely to be used as resources to improve existing practices.

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Kufi, E. F. . (2022). Quality audit in Education. The Journal of Quality in Education, 12(20), 69–82. https://doi.org/10.37870/joqie.v12i20.327


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