Training audit Establish excellence within the company's training process

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Training plays a key role in the human resource skills development within organizations. This lever, which should touch all aspects of the company’s life and all its functions, must be generalized to all employees regardless of their level of education or their hierarchy positions. Training is a tool that allows the company to respond effectively to a more and more unpredictable and restricting environment. The importance of the training system within organizations is able to push managers to finance regular audits of training systems within their enterprises in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and propose necessary adjustments. This article is an opportunity to expose the concept of training process auditing and to provide a summary of cases of the practice of this approach within the Moroccan company as a measure to establish excellence in its training process.

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Training audit: Establish excellence within the company’s training process. (2019). The Journal of Quality in Education, 9(13), 14.


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